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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file or software element that records information about how your device browses the Internet. It is under your browser’s control and sometimes has a unique, random number. You can read it, destroy it, or modify it.

Why does Corman SA use cookies?

Corman SA is always looking for new ways to improve its website(s) and provide the best service. Thus, Corman SA uses different types of cookies as indicated below, some of which may require the Internet user’s prior consent (advertising cookies) before the cookie is installed on their device.

How does Corman SA inform you of the cookies that it uses?

When you reach the website for the first time, the ‘learn more’ link on the banner will lead you to the page providing all the information about the cookies used on this website. In all cases, you have control of the cookies. You can refuse them, destroy them or configure them.

How to uninstall cookies?

These cookies can be uninstalled in two ways.

First, thanks to your Internet browser, you can view the cookies that are already installed on your computer and uninstall them either one by one or all at once.

  • Apple Safari: ‘Privacy’ section in the ‘Preferences’ menu, then ‘Cookies and other website data’;
  • Google Chrome: ‘Privacy’ section in the ‘Settings’ menu, subsection ‘Site settings’ then ‘Cookies and website data’;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: ‘Tools’ menu, ‘Internet Options’ section, then ‘General’ then ‘Browsing history’, then ‘Settings’, ’Temporary Internet files and history’ window and finally, ‘View files’;
  • Mozilla Firefox: ‘Tools’ menu, ‘Options’ section, subsection ‘Privacy’, specific functionality ‘Delete cookies’.

Second, you can manually delete cookies by following these steps:

  • On your computer, choose the Windows file in C:\
  • Open the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ file and choose all files (CTRL +A)
  • Choose ‘delete’.

In addition, you can set up your Internet browser to block or receive a warning for the installation of cookies. The steps are different depending on the browser, but you can find instructions in your browser’s ‘Help’ section. The browser set up can be carried out separately on each computer that you use to access Corman SA websites. Deleting or blocking cookies used by Corman SA websites may affect or even prevent use the websites.

What kind of cookies are used by Corman SA?

Cookies may be temporary, lasting only the time that you spend browsing on the website, or permanent, i.e. longer depending on the lifetime assigned to it, and your Internet browser settings. There are many different types of cookie that can be grouped together in four categories as follows.

Strictly necessary cookies

Name Set up by Purpose Duration
acceptCookie Corman Memorises the fact that the cookie banner is hidden. 12 months
PHPSESSID Corman PHP session identifier End of session
Cookies that are strictly necessary to provide an on-line communication service by electronic means are essential for the website to function correctly. Disabling them leads to significant difficulties in using the website or even the inability to use the services it offers. These cookies do not store any information about you once you have left the website. For example, they can identify devices in order to send information, number data ‘packets’ to send them in a specific order and detect transmission errors or data loss.

Functional cookies

Name Set up by Purpose Duration
lang Corman Store the user’s language in order to direct them to the appropriate part of the site. 10 months
Functional cookies are strictly necessary to provide an on-line communication service at the user’s explicit request. They provide user-specific functionalities. If these cookies are uninstalled, it will not be possible to provide the service. Functional cookies can collect personal data. For certain cookies, this information may be stored beyond your website browsing and may be transmitted to partners for the sole purpose of providing the service. These are, for example, cookies that register user preferences such as the language, ‘user session’ cookies (that identify the user when they browse several pages and only store the data during the browsing session), or ‘shopping cart’ cookies.

Audience measurement cookies

Name Set up by Purpose Duration
_ga google analytics This cookie is used for Universal Analytics analysis. It follows the performance of the pages consulted by website users. 13 months
_gat google analytics This cookie is used by Google Universal Analytics to reduce the number of requests in the case of high traffic. 10 min
_gid google analytics This cookie is used by Google Universal Analytics to register a unique identifier to generate statistical data on the way visitors use the website. 24 hours
Audience measurement cookies recognise visitors during their visits. These cookies only store an Internet user ‘identifier’ (specific to each cookie) and are in no circumstances used to gather personal information concerning the visitors. They record the pages visited, the duration of the visit and error messages to improve Corman SA website performance. Audience measurement cookies can be installed and managed by partners but Corman SA limits their use to the requested statistical analysis

Cookies linked to tailored advertising campaigns and social media trackers generated by social media share buttons

Tailored and tracking cookies enable third parties to provide services, essentially advertising, and improve their effectiveness. These cookies can remember the pages and websites that you visit and can collect personal data, mainly the IP address of the device used by the Internet user. The information gathered may be shared with third parties. For example, cookies that allow advertising agencies to deliver advertising that is tailored to your interests according to your browsing on Corman SA websites, or limit their repetition. These cookies require your permission. In such cases, a banner will appear on the page of the website requesting your consent to install these cookies. Corman SA and third-party suppliers, including Google, jointly use proprietary and third-party cookies to obtain information, optimise and place advertisements depending on visits to the website. Corman SA and these suppliers also use these two types of cookies to determine the relationship between visits recorded on the website and the impact of the announcements, other use of advertising services and interaction relating to the impact of the announcements and advertising services. Finally, Corman SA and its suppliers use these two types of cookies to remember your interests and your demographics in order to deliver tailored advertising. Corman SA uses what is known as social plug-ins (hereinafter: buttons) that redirect to social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. During your visit to our website, these buttons are disabled by default. In other words, they do not transmit any information to the social media networks in question without prior action from you. Before you can use these buttons, you must first click to enable them. The buttons will remain active until you disable them or delete your cookies. Once enabled, the system establishes a direct link with the chosen social media network’s server. The content of the button is then transferred directly from the social media networks to your Internet browser, which integrates them into the website visited. Once you have enabled a button, the social network in question can collect data, regardless of whether you use the button or not. If you are connected to a social network, it will be able to associate your visit to the current website with your user account. Visits to other Corman SA websites will not be associated unless you also enable the corresponding button on these websites. If you are a member of a social network and you do not want it to establish a link between the data collected during your visit to our website and the information recorded when you subscribed, it is essential you log out of the social media network in question before enabling the buttons. Please note that we have no influence on the volume of data collected by social networks via your buttons. To find out how much data is collected and for what purpose, how social networks process and use the information, and the rights and set up options that are available to protect your privacy, please read the privacy policies for the social networks in question. Our website uses buttons for the social network(s) below: is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (‘Facebook’). You will find a list and an overview of Facebook’s social plug-ins at the following address: You can also block Facebook’s social plug-ins using browser add-ons such as ‘Facebook Blocker.’